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Huntington’s Victoria (HV) is a not-for profit organisation that was formed by several Huntington’s disease (HD) community members in 1973 to provide a safe, trusted space to receive support. Since this time, it has continued to evolve from a community-run entity into a professionally-run organisation. The community-focused collaborative nature of the organisation, in association with the complex nature of the disease, has inevitably led to Huntington’s Victoria being the first point of contact for those seeking support.

What is Huntington’s disease?

Huntington’s disease is classed as a genetic neurodegenerative condition that impacts the brain leading to brain cell death. Huntington’s disease impacts the regions of the brain that are responsible for the way we think, move and feel.

Whilst people are not born with Huntington’s disease, they are born with the abnormal gene that will later on cause the symptoms of Huntington’s disease.

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Living with Huntington's disease in our family

Jacqui tells the story of her family’s battle with Huntington’s disease and the uncertainty and fear she experienced knowing she might have inherited the gene that causes it. Our heartfelt thanks go to Jacqui and her family for sharing their story

Huntington's disease and our family

The Ferguson’s share their Huntington’s story and remember two beloved family members lost to the disease.

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