In building this new website we wanted to enhance the information we provided about HD and the available services and show the ways people can get more involved in the community.

Here are five of the new features of the site that are worth taking a look at.

A new research section

We all know how important research is to improving our understanding of HD, finding viable treatment options and a cure for the disease.

This new section is a place where you can find out about the local and international research that is taking place.

It also includes details of how you can contact the different researchers if you would like further information on eligibility and participation requirements.

Learn more about HD

Providing as much information as we can about HD has always been important and now we have taken that one step further.

In the Huntington’s disease section for the first time we have added a 3D brain which you can rotate and click on to see how Huntington’s impacts on different parts of the brain.

We have also created two animated videos, HD and my emotions and HD and my body movement. These explain in simple terms some of the key changes that people experience when they have the disease.

Sharing these videos is a good way to raise awareness, particularly with young people, about what it is like to live with HD.

An interactive map of HD specific services

Finding the services you need should be easy so we created this map.

Using it, you can find details of HD-specific services across Australia such as associations, clinics and genetic services.


Meet our champions

Our Huntington’s champions are the volunteers who make such a difference for the organisation and the community.

We wanted to feature some of these people on our home page so you learn why they are so passionate about helping out and the areas they contribute in.

If you would like to become a Huntington’s champion we would love to hear from you. Send us a message here.

Events section

This section provides you with information on our upcoming events and ways you can get involved.

Don’t forget to visit the Gala Ball page. Tickets are now on sale for our premier fundraising event that will take place in Melbourne on October 19 this year.