Future Planning

Preparing for the future can ease some concerns for yourself and your loved ones so that you can focus on looking after yourself and living a meaningful life now. Below you will find information that will help you make decisions about your future.


Legal Matters

Making decisions now around health, lifestyle and estate management planning allows you to have some control over your future when you are unable to do so. To help you make some of those decisions, it is good to speak to those close to you. Sometimes having these conversations can be difficult, however, this is good practice for everybody, not just those impacted by HD.

Disclosure & Genetic Discrimination

Discrimination due to disability occurs when someone is treated unfairly or not given access to the same opportunities as others because of their disability. However, there are laws in place to help reduce the incidences of discrimination. These laws include the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Equal Opportunity Act 2010

Brain Donation & Pre-Planning Funeral

Death and dying in inevitable for all of us.  However there are conversations to be had with loved ones before this happens.  This can include discussions about donating your brain to assist in Huntington’s disease research, as well considering pre-planning your funeral.