Information Service

This service is available to anyone in the community who is seeking information about Huntington’s disease.  This could be in relation to understanding Huntington’s disease, information on local and international research, supports and services available to those impacted by Huntington’s disease, or events or campaign that we are involved in. There are many different ways in which you can access this service, so no matter where you are; at home, at work or out and about, there is always a way for you to get in touch with us.

Confidential Telephone Service (03) 9818 6333. Operates during business hours Monday to Friday

Via our Facebook Page you can keep up to date with everything that is happening at Huntington’s Victoria and across the Huntington’s disease community. You can also contact us privately through Facebook Messenger

Contact us through our live webchat which operates Monday to Friday during business hours. Alternatively, send us an email via the below form.

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