Information and Support Program

Welcome to Huntington’s Victoria’s Information and Support Program – your go-to resource for early intervention and assistance in navigating the complexities of Huntington’s disease. Designed as a lifeline for those affected by Huntington’s disease, our program aims to demystify this complex condition and empower individuals, families, and professionals alike.

We offer a wealth of resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Huntington’s disease community. From educational materials presented in various formats to facilitating connections through online forums and webinars, our program is committed to fostering understanding and solidarity. Our partnerships with healthcare and research institutions ensure access to credible information and services, enhancing proactive care planning and community engagement.


Our Services Include:

Accessible Information

Explore easy-to-understand information about Huntington’s disease through audio, text, animations, videos, and social media.

Online Community

Join the Huntington’s Community Connect forum to connect with others and learn from shared experiences.

Inspiring Stories

Gain insight and inspiration from personal narratives within the Huntington’s disease community.

Emotional Support

Count on our team for guidance and a listening ear.

Expert Guidance

Receive assistance in symptom management and future planning.

Education and Health Promotion

Participate in online and in-person sessions as well as health promotion activities to stay informed and empowered.

Community Engagement

Join our annual events and activities to build connections and celebrate resilience.

We Are Here

At Huntington’s Victoria, we are more than a program – we’re dedicated partners offering strength, resilience, and unwavering support throughout your Huntington’s disease journey.

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