Light It Up 4 HD

The Light It Up 4 HD campaign was created by the Huntington Society of Canada and due to their outstanding efforts, this campaign has grown into a global movement where buildings, monuments, and statues worldwide light up in blue and purple in the month of May to raise awareness of Huntington’s disease.

The Light It Up 4 HD campaign aims to shine a light on Huntington’s disease and the impact it has on our community. In 2017, Huntington’s Victoria joined the global “Light It Up 4 HD” campaign and has been fortunate to receive ongoing significant support from our partners across metropolitan and regional Victoria who continue to light up their iconic buildings in blue in support of Huntington’s Disease May Awareness month.

Thank you for making our 2024 May Awareness Campaign a huge success!!

To our Huntington’s Community, Partners and Supporters,

We are deeply grateful for your incredible support and participation in this year’s May Awareness campaign. Your dedication and enthusiasm have made a significant impact in raising awareness about Huntington’s disease and supporting the families impacted by it.

To our partners, your collaboration and contributions have been invaluable. Your commitment to this cause has helped us reach new heights and make a real difference in the lives of many.

To the Huntington’s community, your strength, resilience, and advocacy continue to inspire us. Your stories and efforts are the heart of our mission, and we are honoured to work alongside you.

To the general community, thank you for your engagement and generosity. Your willingness to learn, share, and support our initiatives has been truly heartwarming.

Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones in spreading awareness and fostering a sense of unity and hope. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, making strides toward a brighter future for everyone affected by Huntington’s disease.

With deepest gratitude,

Huntington’s Victoria’s team.

Our Light It Up 4 HD supporters over the years


Metropolitan Partners:


Regional Partners:

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