Episode 2: Beyond the Lab

With Ji-Shen Loon


Wrap – Up May Awareness 2024

Exploring Wellbeing with Ji-Shen Loong 


Join us as we wrap up the May Awareness campaign 2024 with an insightful conversation featuring Ji-Shen Loong, a dedicated researcher focused on defining wellbeing in collaboration with the Huntington’s community.

In this enlightening discussion, Ji-Shen, a clinical psychologist, challenges the traditional concepts of wellbeing that assume what might be good for a group without their direct input. Instead, he advocates for utilising emerging research techniques to involve the community in defining wellbeing on their terms. Throughout the conversation, Ji-Shen shares insights from his current research, his impactful work with Griefline, and his strong belief in community-driven project design. His approach highlights the importance of understanding and incorporating the lived experiences of individuals within the Huntington’s community to enhance their quality of life.

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