Community Conference 5th & 6th December 2020

The Huntington’s Victoria 2020 community conference is being held as a virtual event this year on Saturday December 5 and Sunday December 6.

The online event will include presentations about the latest international and local research, including updates on ground-breaking clinical trials. The scientists behind HD Buzz will join the conference for a special Q and A covering all the big developments in Huntington’s research.

A special presentation will also be made by Roche on ground-breaking developments in HD research from the discovery of the gene to the biggest ever clinical trial, Generation HD 1 which is underway across the world right now.

Along with international research, there will be sessions on Saturday December 5 covering living well with the impacts of HD and making choices as a young person in a HD family.

On Sunday December 6, there will be sessions on building a HD support team, NDIS plan management and making a difference in the community. Local researchers will also give presentations on the work that they are doing.

Entry is free for all people who register

Even though the conference is being held online this year, participants will still have the capacity to ask questions of presenters and make comments.

Having technical difficulties? Watch the below videos to help get you on your way!
I attended the Huntington’s Victoria community days in 2016, 2018 and 2019. The Community Day provided me with a great opportunity to connect with other people in our community as well as listen to them share their stories. I found this invaluable as it  related to my own experiences. Having the opportunity to hear from the researchers about  what is happening in research and trials was also fantastic.

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