Move 4 HD

Huntington’s disease was formally known as Huntington’s chorea, deriving from the Greek word for ‘dance’, due to the involuntary, dance-like movements displayed by individuals with this disease. Involuntary movements are the most recognised symptom of this disease and are often confused for other socially unacceptable behaviour. In 2017, Huntington’s Victoria launched Move 4 HD, a dance initiative that celebrates an individual’s ability to move and participate. By doing so, the initiative aims to shift our focus from inability to ability, fostering a sense of value for affected individuals within this community. Current research demonstrates that people who are at risk, gene positive or diagnosed with Huntington’s disease can reduce the impact of the disease and delay progression by staying physically, mentally and socially active. So come get your groove on and please join us for a day full of laughter, fun and dancing!

You can participate by either joining our Dance 4 HD event or sharing your own activity via Instagram, Facebook or Huntington’s Community Connect, and inspire other members of your community to participate in #Move4HD.

Stay tuned for the 2024 Dance for HD date!

Move 4 HD over the years