Education Program

Huntington’s Victoria offers a comprehensive education program aimed at enhancing understanding and awareness of Huntington’s disease within both the general community and specific agencies. Through professional education sessions, tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences, the program seeks to disseminate knowledge about Huntington’s disease and its far-reaching impacts. These sessions are adaptable to various formats, including Zoom, teleconference, agency-based, or at the Huntington’s Victoria office, ensuring accessibility for participants.

The program operates on a fee-for-service basis, with flexibility for larger groups or those located further from Melbourne. Huntington’s Victoria is committed to accommodating such circumstances through cost negotiations or recommending remote options like Zoom or teleconferencing. Open to all members of the community interested in learning about Huntington’s disease, referrals are welcomed from individuals within the Huntington’s disease community, as well as professionals, service providers, and organisations with no direct familial connection to Huntington’s disease. By providing these educational opportunities, Huntington’s Victoria aims to foster a better-informed community equipped to support individuals and families affected by Huntington’s disease. To access the Education Program or make a referral, individuals can contact Huntington’s Victoria directly or use the online referral below.

*Please note that for groups of 30+ or those that are more than 3 hours out of Melbourne, we are able to negotiate costs or recommend utilising Zoom or teleconference.


Education Program Referral

Huntington’s Victoria’s Education Program is fee-for-service. To make a referral for this service please click on the button below. Alternatively for further information contact us 03 9818 6333.