Advocacy is an important part of promoting and protecting the rights of people impacted by HD.  To be an advocate, you don’t need to have a formal role, but rather be empowered to speak about the disease and help break down the barriers that often lead to discrimination. By doing this you will help raise awareness of HD in the community.

There a number of different ways that you can become an advocate:


  • Be a guest speaker at our HD community day
  • Speak to your networks (workplace, family, friends) about the issues that currently impact on the HD community
  • Be the voice for a vulnerable community member who needs support to be heard about their needs. This could include being a support person at medical appointments, or at meetings and appointments relating to the NDIS.
  • Help give us a greater online presence and extend our reach beyond our followers by sharing our posts and events

If you would like to help the community, but not sure the best way to go about this please contact us to discuss how you can become an advocate