Advocacy for Huntington’s disease is essential because it can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by the condition. Advocates play a crucial role in promoting understanding, support, and access to resources for individuals and families impacted by Huntington’s disease. To be an advocate, you don’t need to have a formal role, but rather be empowered to speak about the disease and help break down the barriers that often lead to discrimination.

There a number of different ways that you can become an advocate:

Attend Our Events

Come along to our annual events to learn, support and create connections with the Huntington’s disease community

Educate Your Networks

Inform your colleagues, family, and friends about Huntington’s disease and the challenges the community faces.

Support Each Other

Be a voice for those who need help being heard. This could include attending medical appointments or meetings with them for support.

Boost Our Online Presence

Help extend our reach by sharing our newsletters, posts and events on social media, amplifying our message.


Contact us to find out how you can become an advocate and make a difference in the Huntington’s disease community.