“Each day individuals and families are doing all they can to live with the devastating impact of Huntington’s disease. Today, you can do everything you can to help make their lives a little bit easier”.

– Tammy Gardner, Huntington’s Victoria CEO

Why Support Huntington’s Victoria?

When you support Huntington’s Victoria, you are supporting the only dedicated specialist service which improves the lives of those impacted by Huntington’s disease.  Without Huntington’s Victoria the community loses its safe haven which, since 1973 has supported any person, every family and all generations impacted by Huntington’s disease.  Your support is therefore invaluable to ensure we can continue to serve our community.

How it works?


1. Speak to payroll about setting up workplace giving


2. Select Huntington's Victoria as your charity of choice

3. Inform payroll about your donation amount per pay cycle that will come out of your pre-tax salary

4. Provide your workplace with the contact details of Huntington's Victoria so they can access all the information they require


There are a number of benefits in setting up workplace giving. These include:

  • It is easy to set-up!
  • Your donation comes straight out of your pre-tax salary, reducing your taxable income
  • The full donation amount should reach us if no third party is used (no transaction fee or administration fees)
  • No collecting receipts to claim at tax time
  • Your workplace may choose to match your giving – doubling your donation!


There are a number of benefits in encouraging and supporting workplace giving. These include:

  • Increased social impact
  • Greater staff engagement and retention
  • Opportunities for matched giving

Join the Workplace Giving Program

If you would like to be a part of the Workplace Giving program or would like further information complete our enquiry form.