Reducing Your Stress Levels

We all experience stress at particular times as a response to pressure or triggers for stress in our daily lives which has a direct impact on our mental and physical health.  Minimising circumstances that cause stress in our daily life and adopting strategies that can assist to manage stress levels does lead to improved overall health and wellbeing.

The good news is that there are simple ways you can reduce your own stress levels which then in turn has significant health benefits such as improving sleep, lowing blood pressure, improving digestion and boosting your immune system.  

    Please see below an outline of strategies you can implement to reduce stress


    Make time for you. There are a number of ways you can make time of yourself and unwind. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are great stress-relieving strategies that can assist you with controlled breathing muscle relaxation exercises into your daily routine.

    Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. We all like a coffee or a catch up for a drink with our friends however please keep in mind caffeine is a stimulant which can worsen anxiety and alcohol is a depressant. Reviewing your intake and making adjustments to ensure moderation of intake will be of great assistance to you.

    Adjusting your diet. Diet, if not managed well may worsen your deep sadness and/or anxious feelings. Please refer to balanced diet for further information

    Engaging in physical exercise. One of the natural remedies for addressing stress, anxiety, and depression is exercising. Please refer to keeping active for further information

    Improving your sleep. Stress and anxiety does effect your regular sleep patterns which then has negative impacts across all aspect of your daily life our lives and therefore, prioritising your sleeping patterns as early as possible is essential. For ideas on how to improve your sleep please refer to strategies to promote better sleep in these uncertain times.

    Brain health impacts all aspects of our lives and if not taken care of, it will affect both your overall physical and mental wellbeing. We encourage you explore ways of managing your stress levels whether it is through doing exercise, adopting calming and relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, or implementing a controlled diet. By actively managing your stress levels you will be improving your overall health and thereby decreasing you risk of developing harmful medical conditions.